Tuesday, June 24, 2008

DTV Transition: TV Converter Box or Dish TV Satellite

With the DTV transition fast approaching all consumers with older TV are being forced to decide between purchasing a Digital converter box or subscribing to a paid television service.

Once February 17Th, 2009 passes older analog TVs will no longer work for the viewing of free over the air broadcasts. The result will be that consumers will have to subscribe to satellite, cable, or get a converter box.

Personally, if you were already considering a paid service I would recommend getting Dish TV satellite because the full transition will be spread out until past 2010 and who knows what the technology will be by then. I would not recommend buying a new TV just yet. There are also many flaws and glitches with the digital TV converters right now so you want to give them time to get the kinks worked out.

If you cannot afford a paid service or it is just not worth it to you then you should go ahead and get a digital-to-analog converter box. These can be purchased for about $50-$75 and you can also get a government coupon to get $40 off that price.

If you have any questions about dish TV satellite or converter boxes please leave a comment and I will try to help.


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