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Comparison of Dish Network and DirectTV

DISH Network and DirectTV Comparison

DISH Network

America's Top 64 Channels $29.99
America's Top 127 Channels $39.99
America's Top 191 Channels $49.99
America's Everything191 Channels + HBO, ShowTime, Cinemax and Starz $84.99
Local Channels $5.00


Total Choice 125 Channels $41.99
Total Choice Plus 140 Channels $46.99
Total Choice Premier 205 Channels + HBO, ShowTime, Cinemax and Starz
Local Channels $3.00

Movie Programming Options

DISH Network

Showtime 10 Channels $11.99
Starz Super 8 Pak Channels $11.99
Cinemax Multimax 5 Channels $11.99
HBO 8 Channels $14.99


Showtime 10 Channels $12.00
Starz Super 8 Pak Channels $12.00
Cinemax Multimax 5 Channels $12.00
HBO 8 Channels $12.00

DISH Network and DIREC TV both offer discounts if you subscribe to more than one movie package/channel

Sports Programming Options

DISH Network

NFL Sunday Ticket N/A
MLB Extra Innings $169.00
NBA League Pass $169.00
NHL Center Ice N/A
MLS $69


NFL Sunday Ticket $249.00 (whole season)
MLB Extra Innings $169.00
NBA League Pass $179.00
NHL Center Ice $149.00
MLS $69.00

HD Programming Options

DISH Network

Over 100 HD Channels


Over 100 HD Channels

Free Equipment Options

DISH Network

No Equipment To Buy!
Free Professional Installation!
Up to 4 Rooms!
Free Lifetime Warranty Included!
100% Digital Quality!
Upgrade Receivers to a DVR for free!
High Definition Receiver's with HD Programming!


Free DIRECTV System!
Free 18 inch satellite dish !
Up-to Four Free Receivers including remotes!
Free Standard professional installation!
DIRECTV DVR Plus Options!

More Reasons to Switch to Dish TV Satellite TV

Dish TV satellite TV companies are anxious to provide better services to unsatisfied cable subscribers

In just 3 years the average rates for cable have increased by a little over 20%. 20% in 3 years in simply astronomical and rates are only expected to go up from here. Over this same 3 year period Dish TV satellite TV rates have risen much slower.

Advantages of Dish Satellite TV:

Dish TV Satellite has more channels available.
Dish TV Satellite provides better picture and sound quality because of its 100% Digital Signal
Dish TV Satellite is more reliable
Dish TV Satellite costs less than cable
Dish TV Satellite offers more HD channels than cable cable

Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Dish TV Dish Network Channel Directory Guide

The following is a alphabetical full and complete general Dish TV Dish Network Satellite Television Network Guide/Directory.

To see this in PDF Format please see the Dish TV Dish Network website.


3ABN2 9710
A&E 118
ABC Family 180/9434
Alma Vision Hispanic Network2 9413
AMC 130
America Live 219
Angel One 262
Angel Two 266/9395
Animal Planet 184
BBC America 135
BET 124
Big Ten Network5 439
Biography Channel, The 119/9443
Bloomberg Television 203
Boomerang X 175
Bravo 129/9492
BYUTV 9403
Cartoon Network X 176/9463
CBS College Sports Network 152
CCTV-91 265
CCTV-E&F1 884
Chiller TV 199
Classic Arts Showcase2 9406
CMT 166
CNBC 208/9439
CNBC World 207
CNN 200
CNN Headline News 202
CoLours TV 9407
Comedy Central 107
C-SPAN 210
C-SPAN2 212
Collectibles & Treasures 216
Current TV 196
Daystar 263
Discovery Channel 182
Discovery Health 189
Discovery Home 194
Discovery Kids 179
DISH Shopping 217
Disney Channel (East) 172/9433
Disney Channel (West) 173
DIY 111
Documentary Channel 197
E! Entertainment Television 114
Educator TV2 9417
Encore (West) X 341
Encore Action 343
Encore Drama 345
Encore Love 346
Encore Mystery 344
Encore Wam 347
Encore Westerns 342
ESPN 140
ESPN2 144
ESPN Classic 143
EWTN X 261
Fine Living 113
Florida Education Channel2 9418
Food Network 110
Fox Movie Channel 133
FOX News Channel 205
Fox Reality 190
Fox Soccer 149
Free Speech TV 9415
Fuse 158
FX X 136
G4 191
Galavisión 273
Gems and Jewelry 229
Gems TV 229
Golf Channel 401
GolTV 407
Good Samaritan Network2 9416
Great American Country 167
GSN 116
Hallmark Channel 185
Hallmark Movie Channel 187/9444
Health & Human Services2 9402
HGTV 112
History 120
History International 121
HITN 843
HorseRacing TV 404
HSN 84/222
Independent Film Channel (IFC) 131
Investigation Discovery 192
ION 181
Jewelry Channel, The 218
Jewelry Television 227
KBS World1 9850
Kid Tunes (Audio only) 976
KTV 264/9394
Lifetime 108
Lifetime Movie Network 109
LinkTV 9410
Military Channel 195
MTV 160
MTV2 161
mun2 838
NASA 213
National Geographic Channel 186
NFL Network 154
Nickelodeon Games & Sports 177
Nickelodeon/Nick at Nite (East) 170
Nickelodeon/Nick at Nite (West) 171
Nicktoons Network 178
NOGGIN/The N 169
Outdoor Channel 153
Ovation 157
Oxygen 127
Pentagon Channel, The2 9405
QVC 137
ReelzChannel 299
ResearchChannel 9400
RFD-TV 231/9409
SCI FI Channel 122
Science Channel, The 193
Shop 224
Shop Latino 220/883
ShopNBC 228
Sí TV 159
Sleuth 198
SOAPnet 188
Spike TV 168
SportSouth3 437
SRI 104
SRN 85/223
Starfish Network2 9408
Style 115
TBN 260
TBS X 139
TeleFutura 4 (East) 271
TeleFutura 4(West) 272


HBO (East) X 300
HBO2 (East) X 301
HBO Signature X 302
HBO (West) X 303
HBO2 (West) X 304
HBO Family X 305
HBO Comedy X 307
HBO Latino 309
HBO HD** 300/9456
Encore (East) X 340
Starz (East) X 350
Starz (West) X 351
Starz Edge X 352
Starz Cinema (East) X 353
Starz Comedy 354
Starz InBlack X 355
Starz Kids & Family X 356
Starz HDTV** 350/9435
Cinemax (East) X 310
Cinemax (West) X 311
MoreMaxX 312
ActionMaxX 313
5StarMaxX 314
Cinemax HD (East)** 310/9458
Cinemax HD (West)** 311
Cinemax 5 Star** 314
5StarMAX HD** 314
Showtime (East) X 318
Showtime (West) X 319
Showtime Too X 320
Showtime Showcase X 321
Showtime Extreme X 322
Showtime Beyond X 323
The Movie Channel (East) X 327
The Movie Channel xtra (East) X 328
Sundance Channel 332
FLIX 333
Showtime HD** 318/9460

Channel 100- Used for the following Dish TV services:

Add programming
Pay bill
Check local & national weather
Breaking news
View your statement
Track sports scores
Play games

DTV Transition: TV Converter Box or Dish TV Satellite

With the DTV transition fast approaching all consumers with older TV are being forced to decide between purchasing a Digital converter box or subscribing to a paid television service.

Once February 17Th, 2009 passes older analog TVs will no longer work for the viewing of free over the air broadcasts. The result will be that consumers will have to subscribe to satellite, cable, or get a converter box.

Personally, if you were already considering a paid service I would recommend getting Dish TV satellite because the full transition will be spread out until past 2010 and who knows what the technology will be by then. I would not recommend buying a new TV just yet. There are also many flaws and glitches with the digital TV converters right now so you want to give them time to get the kinks worked out.

If you cannot afford a paid service or it is just not worth it to you then you should go ahead and get a digital-to-analog converter box. These can be purchased for about $50-$75 and you can also get a government coupon to get $40 off that price.

If you have any questions about dish TV satellite or converter boxes please leave a comment and I will try to help.


Benefits of Dish TV Satellite Television

The common perception over the past decade was that cable was better than satellite for many reasons. In the past most of these claims were correct but now dish tv satellite has made strategic moves to level the playing field and then have gone further to make satellite better than cable.

In the past cable was cheaper, there was less equipment to buy, and it offered a better selection of channels. Today the opposite is quite true.

Satellite TV is now cheaper because there are countless promotions all over the place that allow consumers to get free equipment, installation, and a very cheap 6-12 month promotional period with a really low price. After the promotional period Satellite TV and cable or comparable in price for some packages. Dish TV satellite does however provide more channels for the same prices as cable. You can get more special movie packages and pay the same as you do for cable. You basically pay the same but get more...

Satellite TV also offers significantly more programming options. Cable and Satellite generally offer about the same amount of channels but Satellite has done a better job of securing contracts for local and regional sports television shows and other shows also. Dish TV satellite companies have also been able to offer significantly more HD channels that cable companies.

With technology rapidly changing the days of using wires and cables to transmit signals is slowly coming to an end. Satellite TV is equipped with all that it needs to quickly make changes and advance toward new technology while cable providers are being left in the dust. If you are interested in experience the best in television you should switch over to satellite television today.

Feel free to leave me a comment if you have any questions and I will try to answer them.


Dish Satellite TV Facts

At the Dish Satellite TV blog you will find more than enough information that will pursued you to switch over from cable to satellite. Satellite TV has a lot more advantages to it than cable and without switching over you are costing yourself more money and getting less for it. Take a look around my blog and you will see all the benefits of Dish TV.

If you have any questions about Dish TV satellite TV please leave a comment and I will get back to you.