Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Benefits of Dish TV Satellite Television

The common perception over the past decade was that cable was better than satellite for many reasons. In the past most of these claims were correct but now dish tv satellite has made strategic moves to level the playing field and then have gone further to make satellite better than cable.

In the past cable was cheaper, there was less equipment to buy, and it offered a better selection of channels. Today the opposite is quite true.

Satellite TV is now cheaper because there are countless promotions all over the place that allow consumers to get free equipment, installation, and a very cheap 6-12 month promotional period with a really low price. After the promotional period Satellite TV and cable or comparable in price for some packages. Dish TV satellite does however provide more channels for the same prices as cable. You can get more special movie packages and pay the same as you do for cable. You basically pay the same but get more...

Satellite TV also offers significantly more programming options. Cable and Satellite generally offer about the same amount of channels but Satellite has done a better job of securing contracts for local and regional sports television shows and other shows also. Dish TV satellite companies have also been able to offer significantly more HD channels that cable companies.

With technology rapidly changing the days of using wires and cables to transmit signals is slowly coming to an end. Satellite TV is equipped with all that it needs to quickly make changes and advance toward new technology while cable providers are being left in the dust. If you are interested in experience the best in television you should switch over to satellite television today.

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